Future Programs

Here you can find information on each of the FUTURE programs Appalachian Children’s Refuge Foundation, Inc. will offer to the public.

  • C & E – “Crisis” or “Emergency” Childcare
  • R&R – “R&R Childcare “Services”
  • I & A – Information and Assistance
  • Y & S – Youth and Success
  • 24/7 – 24-Hour Crisis Helpline

If you are not quite sure who or what ACRF, Inc. is; then click the link below for a brochure with a summary of this organization and the goals we are trying to accomplish.

If you cannot access the file, send an e-mail to cnadi@acrfinc.org or reach out to us on Facebook or telephone (listed at the bottom of the page) and we will send you a copy.

Currently, these programs are not functional. Our MAIN focus is on obtaining a HOUSE and from there we can then begin putting these programs in motion. If you know of a place please contact us and let us know and we will look into it. We are excited to get this underway!

C & E

Appalachian Children’s Refuge Foundation, Inc. has our community’s only voluntary and confidential non-custodial program. We are a place where parents can bring their child (newborn through age 12) for free emergency childcare for up to 72 hours depending on the situation. Each child has his or her own bed and is provided with all the essentials while staying, including meals, clothing, diapers, and formula. All services provided by the ACRF, Inc. are provided by trained and screened personnel. 

We trust that each parent knows their family best, so the parent decides if they are facing a crisis. We believe a crisis is anything that keeps someone from being the kind of parent or guardian they want to be, such as a parent or sibling illness, emotional distress, domestic violence, lack of utilities, food or shelter, feelings of desperation or helplessness, substance abuse treatment, etc.

R & R

Appalachian Children’s Refuge Foundation, Inc. offers up to 6 hours per week of FREE R&R childcare services. All services provided by ACRF, Inc. are voluntary and confidential and are provided by trained and screened personnel.

I & A

Appalachian Children’s Refuge, Inc will provide parents with information, assistance, and education to connect with community resources and others with common experiences for encouragement, comfort, and advice.

Y & S

Appalachian Children’s Refuge will work with young people to transition from the foster care system to adulthood.  


Our 24-hour line provides help to children, families, and friends of people in need of support.

Please contact us to donate, volunteer, provide resources or receive information about services any of the above services listed.

We can accommodate most dietary and allergy restrictions with advanced notice.

All staff are mandated reporters and must call CPS if they suspect child abuse or neglect.

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